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Who We Are

In the Criminal Justice System, all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, the process to prove a persons guilty is a lengthy and often times complicated one. It begins with a crime being alleged, then reported, and then investigated by law enforcement. From traffic stops that yield the discovery of narcotics to the allegation and investigation of domestic violence, oftentimes the most significant determining factor for convictions of criminal defendants is the details of the criminal investigation. Good, solid, investigative work from hard working investigative professionals often results in the identification, apprehension, and convictions of the persons responsible for the crime. Law Enforcement Investigators spend hours of training and years of experience navigating the various procedures, protocols, and methods of investigation to build their cases - many of which are only available and taught to law enforcement, making their methods and reasoning sometimes mysterious and difficult for anyone on the outside looking in to understand and follow. 

As Advocates, we are able to analyze, understand, and evaluate criminal investigative cases brought before the courts in a way that is unique only to those who have built criminal investigations themselves. Hard-earned lessons that we have learned as current, former, or retired law enforcement professionals are utilized and brought to the table to scrutinize criminal cases as a third-party in ways only seasoned law enforcement investigators can in order to strengthen and develop either the prosecution or the defense strategies of a criminal case. We offer our expertise as a valuable service in the pursuit of justice, to serve our oaths as public servants in a unique way in the interest of justice and professionalism. 

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