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Our Expertise

Our Advocates have thousands of hours of training and experience in every aspect of the criminal justice system . As a non-biased third-party of criminal justice professionals, we offer a variety of services to insure that criminal cases brought before the courts of law are held to the highest level of scrutiny and professionalism for either side of the courtroom.
Criminal Case Consults

Our Advocates can analyze, dissect, and evaluate criminal case discovery based upon their expertise and experience as law enforcement investigators to identify strengths, weaknesses, and flaws of individual cases. Our analyses of advantages and disadvantages of criminal cases can help prosecutors and defense attorneys develop and refine arguments and reasonings to bring their very best of their practice to the courtroom. 

Legal Strategy

Because of our experiences in the criminal justice system, our evaluations lead to the development and refinement of criminal case strategies in navigating complex court procedures. Our Advocates not only have law enforcement experience at their disposal but also have criminal justice experience in both the prosecution and defense sides. Our professional strategies can help navigate the recommendations of hearings, motions, pleas, and trial strategy in any criminal defense cases on either side of the courtroom. 

DUI Case Evaluations

We have found that some of the most common cases that are brought to us are Driving Under the Influence cases. Our Advocates are certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing in accordance to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards, and have hundreds of hours of training and experience in DUI investigations. Our speciality evaluations in these complex and lengthy DUI cases provide valuable feedback and analyses by experts for either side of the courtroom.

Vehicle Accident Evaluations

A large part of law enforcement operations is responding and investigating vehicle accidents. In fact, to most law enforcement officers, responding to vehicle accidents and conducting a thorough investigation that results in determining an at-fault driver and citing them as such. 

As a result, many of our consultations come from evaluating cases involving vehicular accidents that result in either personal injury cases, criminal defense cases, or both. As trained accident investigators, many of our Advocates have advanced certifications such as accident reconstruction training and report writing experience that can provide expert opinions on vehicular collisions for both the criminal and civil courts.

Law Enforcement Consults

Among our Advocates, we have certified law enforcement instructors in a variety of different subjects such as Use of Force, Firearms tactics, Defensive Tactics, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, and Criminal Procedure. Our instructors are fully capable and state certified to teach law enforcement officers as well as testify as expert witnesses in court in their respective subjects.


As experienced law enforcement experts, our Advocates can consult on any inquiries related to law enforcement or the criminal justice system. 

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